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As collectors, yu have to realize what you pay for a solid now you may never recoup in the future. BUY WHAT YOU LOVE!!It's not as though Woody hasn't been burned by prices as well himself We were talking about the butterfly on Ebay last week that went for roughly $400. He paid $1700 for his although it was MIB, is a box really worth $1300??? And he's not complaining, he loves it, it's the chance you take w/collectibles. My best friend collects German dolls by Annette Himstedt. She has only been collecting about 4 years and has over 60 that range in price from $1200 to over $6000. She has found the same problem with Ebay in that she will never recoup what she spent on them, but luckily loves them all. The Himstedt company has taken a move to keep prices of the new dolls high, something EL would be wise to follow. First of all rather than selling the dolls everywhere, they are now restricted to 15 dealers in the US. They are limiting the number of each addition they are producing in an effort to keep prices high. I blame EL for the dip in solid prices with the warehouse sales. Why can't EL just limit the number of solids they sell? You see the same sellers on Ebay selling the same solid over and over again and making a bundle. EL surely knows how much each store they deal with sells of each solid every year. EL also knows they have a core of solid buyers, all they have to do is do the math and limit what they make each year, My hat is off to Woody and all the other sellers I have bought solids from on this site. I know they aren't making money and take pleasure in fact that they are selling to people who appreciate them.