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It's a free world, and as far as I know, people are allowed to buy and sell as they see fit. I do sell some solids very reasonably as I buy collection here and there, keep what I want for myself, sell many very good ones to my dear solidperfume.com friends and on Ebay, and if there are some left, I have no problem selling them very reasonably. Many of the ones I just listed went to new collectors and they were very happy to get them and I was happy to sell them to them. That is what is fun for me, the buying and the selling. On the matter of value, I am thrilled with my collection even knowing that many are selling below what I paid. I still love them all and happy to have them. And if I went to sell them, I know I might take a loss and that's OK..it's all in collecting. And actually, I find the mentioning of someone's name in a posting such as above very disrespectful.