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Hello Kasi, I share your sentiments 100%.

I will not give my older solids away at ridiculous prices! The new Collectors
will just have to wait and appreciate that the older Collectors are not prepared
to just give these much sought after solids away at whim!

Also, and I don't want my head bitten off here, I get really annoyed when
I see Collectors selling off their solids dirt cheap! This does nothing for
our collections or the market. Yes, everyone is entitled to sell for whatever
price they wish but, and again you may disagree with me, if you want to sell
at way below the value of the item, do it PRIVATELY. Surely we all know enough
Collectors to do it this way! If I have something that I am happy to sell
cheap I try and contact a few people offering it to them. I think that
by displaying low, low prices, this is having a knock down effect on the market
and creating the attitude that everything can be given away for nothing. Then when someone asks why our collections are decreasing in value, they have the answer staring them in the face. We all enjoy finding that item we want
at a lower price but search for it and find someone who is prepared to sell……..
don't advertise it at a knock down price all over the place.

Ebay and PayPal fees at the moment are something we cannot get away from.
If that means raising the price of the item to accommodate these fees, sobeit!
The other option is to wait for the special listing days and only to accept cash
transfers or personal cheques. The option is our own and perhaps if we all
waited for these special promotional days, Ebay would get the message.

All these points are for us to consider and it is, to my way of thinking, up to
us to ensure that we do not create a false impression re pricing and to keep
our collections at the value they should be and to increase with time.

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