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Hi all,
Had a great time!
NY was nothing like I imagined it to be, It was a real friendly and cool place to visit.
It wasn’t as packed as I thought and the weather could not have been better..
I got a real bargain on Columbus Day in Macy’s (what a fab store that is!!!!) I got an 18k gold bangle down from $700 to $271. Just happened to pop in and had no idea it was the last day of the sale! How’s that for luck! [Big Grin]
Never had a bargain on a solid but at least I can wear my bangle!
Kevin bought me the Rollercoaster which I really do like having now seen it in the flesh!
I also got the trolley after the good job Ann and Ken did with thier photo!
Only got 1 Strongwater the Birds Nest, it surprised me what a good price that is as I think it’s the best!
It is great to now have been in Saks and Bergdorf as when you all spoke of them I could only imagine them!
I would love to go Christmas shopping there! Maybe next year!
Vegas and San Fransisco are my next wish list places to visit!!!
Ok you all must be bored now.
Best wishes
Maggie [Cool]

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