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Hello to all of you,

today I’ve got from Switzerland my new SIX Lauder solids. They are wonderful!!

I got : Peacock, Cardinal, Chinese Junk, Dragonfly, TajMahal and Stagecoach!!

I don’t know if stagecoack is different from the US version, I’ve not yet compared it with the picture of Lisa site but I paid it the equivalent of $340.00 and Tajmahal the equivalent of $300.00. Whilst I paid the equivalent of $102.00 for the dragonfly (Pleasure instead of Intuition for Harrods) whilst Harrods says £275.00!!!

If anyone is interested I think I can have them, not sure if they can order others.

Tomorrow I’ll do the photos and after scanner I’ll send them to Lisa.

I’m very happy for my purchase, even if I had to break my “money-box”!! [Big Grin]