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'Petals' wrote on '12:

Hello Gigi, Nice to see you…

As I have always been given to understand it is not Estee Lauder who commission the Harrods' Bears. It was (I was told in the past) Harrods who commissioned Estee Lauder for the Harrods solids. I cannot see that E.L can just go out, make a solid and then endorse it with the Harrods' logo. I was also told this was a pet project of Mohd. Al Fayed. Therefore, if the information is correct, we must look to Mohd. Al Fayed who, I believe, is still involved with Harrods, to continue in this vein and thank him for 'giving' us Collectors items which ARE collectable……… 😉

Well, I hope Mr. Al Fayed reads our comments then, if EL is not!!! I really love the little bears, even though I am yet to afford one! But they are all on my “hunt” and “wish” lists!!

I have become very careful, trying to not buy any solids which could be a copy or “refilled” or look like the stones have been messed with. That is why I very much appreciate the wonderful friends on here that sell. I prefer to purchase from trusted sources. I do hope that even if we are drops in the pond, if you put enough drops together you can get one heck of a storm! I do know that the solid perfumes where Ms. Lauder's loved project from what I have been told by some consultants that worked for EL for many years. One told me that when Ms. Lauder passed, that the view of the management pulled away from the value of the consultants and of the solids. I personally hope that as the economy changes, that EL will re-evaluated the tradition and monetary possibilities of solid perfumes. Especially as there are many companies now that are also producing solid perfumes. Mind you, they are not as elegant as the EL solid's, but some are also angling to be very collectible. (For example Bond #9, Molinard, Diptyque)

I really hope to see the holiday or even a yearly solid release by EL.