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Hello Butterflies,

In the 'old' days, E.L. used to read our posts (if I am correct) and many of the points you raised were actually written about on the site. There were so many avid collectors and we really had a good time of it especially chasing the older solids which were hard to find! Unfortunately, once the copies started flooding the market it took something away from us, i.e. the collectors. Many of the copies are not the originals (as the description infers)…. I do not want to go down this road again but suffice to say, many have been made up from the discontinued molds, stones applied later by people not employed to do so. Had this not happened, I feel personally we would not be in the situation we are now…… I don't want to buy solids without the original perfume (even if only the scrapings of one that has evaporated etc., with time)…

So all those involved with all this only have themselves to blame for the evaporated interest. As they say, what goes round comes round….

I am not writing anymore on this subject but as for sending a letter or whatever to the Corporate Office, we collectors are only a small drop in the pond for a gigantic company whose umbrella covers many brands.

Will just search for the elusive genuine article and have stopped purchasing anything that looks like a copy or that instinct tells me is coming from a source which I would not particularly trust.