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I would hate if Estee gave up production of solids all together. That would be heart breaking to me. To me the fact that Ms. Lauder began production of the solid perfumes beginning in 1967/8, would have her rolling in her grave if this wonderful tradition was haulted!! ugh! I feel ill!

I wonder if solid perfume collectors should write their corporate headquarters to let them know how much we enjoy the tradition of solid perfumes and Estee Lauder. I also believe making the collections limited, numbered releases would help. It would make it difficult for me to buy, but I would rather see the solids carry on and will still charge at least one a year!! I think the flood of empties reflects the same thing as the housing market there was an increase of supply in those years. I am sure that is changing.

I hadn't been on ebay to see a pearl butterfly. Did anyone here win it? If so, pictures please of your prized win!!

What does everyone think about a letter/email/facebook solid perfume petitioning to Estee corporate? Do I need to make that a topic??? I will if needed!!