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So tonight was the event at Neiman Marcus to preview the new 2005 spring solids as well as to showcase some of the archived solids.

It was a small event where we were treated to wine and various hors d'oeuvres, there was about 30 of the archived solids displayed that we were told were from Mrs. Estee Lauders office. We were told they were some of her favorite pieces. Some of them were boutique oval, empire, starshell, memento (love the giver) keepsake, sport necklace, fluted heart, winning heart, golden times, carousel and sparkling heart.

We were shown a film of the life of Mrs. Estee Lauder with all of her accomplishments. We were then shown various solids and even had a slide show where we were asked to “name the solid” both Phyllis and I won a prize. I got a fantastic powder compact in the original blue velvet box and am just thrilled to add it to my collection. Something we also were shown tonight was the Imperial Princess in the actual box with the inside presentation red cloth.

OK, now on to the 2005 prototypes (sorry no photos tonight) <img src='style_emoticons//sad.gif’ border=’0′ style=’vertical-align:middle’ alt=’sad.gif’ /> but I will do my best to describe them to you all. The first one was a “Nemo” or clown fish, the fish was done in gold metal and was bright blue with clear crystals as stripes. He also had black crystal eyes. The fish rests on a piece of coral done in well, coral enamel. It is a two piece solid with the perfume in the body of the fish. The fish is a small guy but when resting on the coral the piece its self is bigger. I liked the fish.

The oyster was the other solid from the spring collection, it was a oyster shell done on the outside in a creamy white enamel with clear crystals as like stripes on the outer shell. I think the shell was silver metal but not sure. The solid itself opens to expose the perfume and the upper part of the shell is also enameled white mother of pearl like. Inside next to the perfume is a white pearl ( a black pearl would have been nice for some contrast) I like the idea of this solid but wish the solid had a separate area that opened for just the perfume so the actual shell could be displayed opened showing the pearl- the way it is now to have it open to see the pearl would expose the perfume solid to the air. This solid was in my opinion does not look like a $250 solid.

These were just prototypes so perhaps it may change.

All and all it was a nice evening and would like to thank Estee Lauder for taking the time to spend some time with the collectors and it was nice to see familiar faces.