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'Petals' wrote on '15:

OOOOOPS! I am sure I haven't been on the Baileys but I ws going to reply to Zooey and you re your comments! Zooey seems to have disappeared by magic! :ph34r: But you are still here 😕

I am planning to be off after the wedding. Going to Florida for month of May!

Well, I am going to keep on searching for elusive posts but meanwhile, still hunting strange and weird E.L. containers. Meanwhile, Margaret, have a wonderful stay. Speak to you when we are both back and rested!

heh ho! xxxxx Zooey where are you???? 😕

Hi Jacky – Are you coming anywhere near Jacksonville? Would love to meet! I will be glued to the tv for the wedding and actually marked it on my calendar so I don't forget! LOL! I remember when Charles & Diana were married, my dad let me stay home and watch tv all day long which was highly unusual! I have found memories of watching it as a little girl!

Take care all and happy spring!