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DO you know about the Cosmetic Centers? They're typically at the larger outlet malls. They have solids that are generally from the previous year. You never know what you'll find there. If you call them, they will usually tell you and I've had them ship a solid to me. I think they sell at about 20% off.


'wjh414' wrote on '16:

Thank you, Lisa and Jenn – it's great to be a part of the EL collecting family! I have been fortunate, especially since I'm an amateur, to obtain the Vanity and the Sleeping Cat. Now I'm looking for the Birdbath, the Birdhouse, Carousel (LOL – I've been reading thru the forums), One Horse Open Sleigh, Imperial Horse. It would be nice to have MIB but my budget is a bit stretched so I would be happy with whatever I could get! I'm already eyeing the 2010 Golden Bird…