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I have been asked to associate scents with each of these solids to make it a little easier on some of the collectors. The numbers I have referenced are EL Design numbers and may not be available in the Gerson Book! (BTW Hi Roselynn – remember me? “The Lighter Lady” from Chicago?)
Any Way Here goes

Scottie Dog – Tuscany Per Donna
Yorkie – Beautiful
Minaudiere – Knowing
Cameo – Youth Dew
Egg (goldtone) – Knowing
Egg (Blue & red Enamel) – Beautiful
Egg (Red Enamel) – Knowing

I hope this is of help to you all.

I have received several very nice emails from members that have made me feel most welcomed in the forum. Thank you for your kind words and encouragement!
Right now I am offering these exclusively on ebay until I get a feel for their current value (I know this sounds like I am trying to squeeze every dime out of them. I do apologise for that) I will say I do have duplicates of each of them with the exception of the Cameo.
And if I can get some answers from Lisa as to how to offer them for sale here I will put some on the site.
Thanks again to all!
Anyone willing to assist?