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QUOTE(jardanel @ Nov 18 2005, 10:05 AM)
Hi Kasi
did you get to ship the drum? Can't wait
Annette in Germany


Yes it went out 11/12 so you should have it soon. I think I overcharged you $2 on postage, The post office didn't figure it the way I did at the usps site , (sigh) I'll never get this international postage right no matter how hard I try. I either undercharge or overcharge…..Just once I'd like the post office to agree with me on the price when I ship a package. PLMK that it arrives safely.

Thanks for helping me out and if you need anymore, let me know. I have a long way to go in selling them all, and ebay fees are so high, I may try selling them at overstock or at google base. Probably try google first. I put the ferris wheel at google yesterday. So we will see if they have a crowd of buyers there yet or not.