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QUOTE(Jack @ Oct 29 2005, 07:44 PM)
Hmmm….. Have been getting some emails regarding this sale, maybe the best thing to do would be to offer your solids for sale on ebay if there are no set prices. It's maybe the best way and the fair thing to do to avoid all the confusion.


Jack I was really trying to get out of ebay fees…they are so high, and I wanted to offer them to the group first.

I really didn't mean to confuse anyone. I just put the price I originally paid and realize I overpaid on some. So far, the people who wanted them, emailed me the price they were willing to pay( some what I paid, some lower than I paid, some higher than I paid). I have not refused an offer yet except one, which was $200 less than what I paid). She came up 85 and I went down $125 and it is now on the way out the door. I know everyone would buy them immediately if I said ok, $10 each….but that is not fair to me to lose all that money and not only that but it cheapens the value of the solids. And we all want the value of our solids to increase not decrease. And believe me if I didn't have to sell, I really would not be going thru this. But I have no choice.

I originally stated in my first post that if they were looking for the ivories they should go to ebay as they are a lot cheaper there .No way would I sell the duck for $80 like it is now selling for on ebay. I know that some of our European friends don't understand that when I list(lets take the ferris wheel as an example at $450…that is not what I actually paid for it, becuase of top of that you have to add texas tax of 8.25%…so that takes the cost up to close to $500 that I paid for it….but if someone offered me $375 or $400 I would take it , as the difference in what I could make on ebay with the same solid would be eaten up by ebay fees…So at $375 i would actually make more money on this list than at $400 on ebay because of the fees.

I came to this list first because woody had said people made him offers all the time on what he was saling. That is the reason why I did what I did. If you would like me to withdraw the list i will….but I was going about it in the only fair way to me and the list that i could think of

After this list I will then go to the Houston collectors and offer the list to them, and the few that are left after that I will probably just keep or maybe put some on ebay. But ebay will be the last resort.

If you would call me on my toll free number in the usa 1-800-880-3366 maybe we can discuss this whole thing and figure out a better way for me to do this. Maybe you can suggest fair prices for me to put on each piece as i have not kept up with the market at all. My goal is to turn as much monry as I can as fast as I can and still give the buyers a good deal, and me a good deal too