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Thanks to all of you that have expressed an interest in my solids.

I did this totally wrong.

I should have just put up a price list, and done first come first served….But instead I put up the list of what I have and what I paid.

I realize that I overpaid on a lot of them, but as a brand new collector who at the time had the bucks, I paid for them. I started in 2001 and bought most of those from neimans( if they still had them) and if not I bought them on ebay. I have bought from almost every one that sells at ebay.
I bought all the cameos from Woody and he can verify that those are the prices I paid him.
I also bought several others from Woody. I bought from Calbeanies, lacysea, bb king, bbqueen, and a few others who I don't remember.

I realize that the solid market has changed and some of them are no longer worth what I paid, that is why I suggested that you make offers….but most of you all are saying I want this and not giving me a price, which leaves me with two or three people wanting the same thing….and I don't want to start a bidding war….that is not my intent….my intent is to sell these things to try to pay for my hospital bills and my hurricane damage.

I have 32000 invested and know that most of you are not even interested in the non estee's(which I don't understand—lets face it the perfume in some of them(joy for instance) is a lot more expensive than any of the estee fragrances.

Also a lot of you already have the same things that I have….But I have $27,000 invested in estee's and would like to sell them all except the few I have to keep for sentimental reasons.

I mean would you sell the ones given to you by YOUR estee rep? Or your late hubby as a gift?

Queenie, I'm sorry you have decided that you no longer want the jay strogwater signed. I paid the $250 for it plus texas state tax bringing the total to 270.85 and I was asking $300 for it..So I was making a great 28 dollars to cover my gas to the store, standing in line to get it signed, etc….If this is too high for you I'm sorry, make me an offer.

Tax in the state of texas is 8.25% and it is not added in to the ferris wheel, which would take it to 487.50 but I'm only asking 450 for it. It's also not added to any of them that I got from Neimans but I still paid it.

I am sorry for the confusion in y'all thinking that I had set a firm price for these things….I put down only WHAT I paid.

No reasonable offer will be refused.

Thanks for reading.


For those of you who have made me offers, I am getting back to you in the morning. it takes a while to go thru all the emails. If you have said “I WANT THIS” pleae put down the price you are willing to pay….I do accept paypal and will ship out priority mail