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I can not figure out how to attach a list to the emails that I receive thru this site….I will have to email you at your email address. To those that sent email addresses I have just now sent the list as an excel attachment. If you can not view an excel spreadsheet, let me know and I will send it as a word document.

With over 300 solids to sell I don't know how to attach the list here.

Please understand that the prices quoted on the list, are the prices that I paid in 2000 and 2001 My aim at that time was to collect every solid picured in gerson's book( not the new estee book but the old book that included all the solids by all manufacturers.)

I almost succeeded in getting them all, but still lacked a few….the princess….lol…I have over $32,000 invested in the solids, and now need to retrive most of that money. I realize that I will not get back what I paid on most of them, but no REASONABLE offer will be rejected. But I will take the highest offer on each solid.

I realize a lot of people are at the convention. So to be fair to them, I will not finalize any order until next Tuesday. That gives the convention people a shot at these also.

I have photographed each solid with their boxes( if they have them.) So look at the background of the pic….if you see white or gold, then it means that both boxes or there…..if it is only pink, that means that the pink box is there, without the white box

The only exception to that is the stuart wiseman princess pump. I could not find the box until after it's pic was taken. It does have a box

If there are two pics of the same solid side by side that means I have 2 of that particular solid.
Most of the pics are numbered 1 ( the solid) 2 ( the inside of the solid) and sometimes 3( the label)

They are in YOP order for the estees and then alphabetically for the non estees.

If you are in the states I have a US only toll free number 1-800-880-3366
For those out of country you will have to call if you want to 713-468-1037

Email is really preferred so that I have a hard copy of what you want.

Thanks for being patient while I compiled the list and took pics. I really thought I would have the list done in a week, little did I realize it would take me almost 3 weeks.

Even if you do not wish to buy a solid, enjoy the pics