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I am sorry this has taken so long but it was a bigger project that I thought.

Here is a link to all the pics.

You can click on each picture for a link to a bigger picture . the url at the top of the page will tell you what it is…..i.e.1966 avonpresidentshonoraward.jpg will be the 1966 Avon cameo locket that was done as the Presidents honor award. All of the estee's are done with the year first and they are done in year order….the non estee's unless the year of production was known are done in alaphabetic order( to the best of my ability.) All but about 6 of them are for sale. The ones that are not for sale are Izzzy Miakki 's only solid that firm ever made,the pink telephone, the two lucite ring box type perfumes, one by Estee and the other by Francis Denny. The Ivory Carver as my son found it at an estate sale and won't let me sell it…The intuition tear drop, the carosuel, the mermaid, the magic dragon, and aladdins lamp and the royal enamel necklace, and the ivory rabbit in the box. I'm not keeping many, but just a few of my favorites..There are a total of 336. in my collection. Enjoy the photo's

Prices are on an excel spreadsheet and I'm not sure I can post it here. So if you will email me at, I will send you the spreadsheet with the prices that I paid for them

The prices listed on the sheet are exactly what I paid….Most of them were bought from retail chains with some coming from ebay. I bought a lot of the cameos from Woody, and he will tell you the price I am quoting is exactly what he charged me. I bought some from calbeanies, bbqueen, bbking, and I really can't remember who else. So make me your highest offer on the pieces that you want. I realize that the ivories probably won't sell as you can now get them cheaper at ebay, and on those I may have to take a loss. Hopefully not, but I am open to negotiations.

So enjoy and I'll email you the list as soon as you ask for it, but in the meantime, go drool and figure out what you want.

Very very tired puppy and going to bed now.