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QUOTE(nyslzzle @ Jan 25 2006, 03:00 AM)
Hello, Im brand new here at this site but it seems very interesting that you are selling.  I am a bit late but would be interested to see your price list of whats is left.  I am particularly interested in the 1999 dragon if you have it.


HI Nysizzle.

Thanks for asking.
If you will send your request for a list of what is left to my email address ( I will send you an excel spread sheet of what is left.There are 137 Estees left and a lot of non estees left. If you will notice the post a couple up you will see there are a few that I am not selling….the carosuel, the dragon, the mermaid and the lucite cube. I cant figure out how to attach a list to the chat board.
If you can't open an excel spread sheet I can send it to you in word. PLMK I also have a few listed now at ebay under seller ID Kasi

oops the photos are at