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Thanks Queenie

I am today listing a lot of solids at ebay because it is 10 cent listing day….LOL…but by the time you add gallery photo and subtitle….it suddenly becomes a $2 ad…Y'all might want to take a look.

So far I have listed the international edition of the rocking horse with Knowing perfume rather than the American version with the White Linen Perfume.

I have also listed the sleek and chic that was supposed to be a limited edition made for Hudson's and I'm supplying the original receipt of $55 for the solid that they mailed me…so my cost was postage from canada on top of that…and we all know how “limited edition” really means limited edition to estee….giggle….I will be adding solids hopefully all the way thru the evening , none of them are on BIN”s so you can shop tomorrow if you want.

I have also made all auctions private, so that you won't have other people emailing you offering you what I am selling if you lose the auction. Also other collectors won't know what you have bid or who has bid, thereby causing you to lose an auction cause somebody else sees that you are bidding on the item….I don't know if this is still a problem, but I know when I was bidding at ebay, there was one buyer who always searched what I was buying and then tried to outbid me all the time, and that was very annoying to me…sigh….

I also hope to list a lot of the non estee solid perfumes that you might want to add to your collection. They will all be priced to move. Some will be reserve auctions, and some won't be…Hopefully you will find something that fits your pocketbook and your wish list.

Hope everyone had a great christmas and hope that 2006 brings beautiful promises of things to come, all good, and that we have no more bad hurricanes in 2006