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QUOTE(kasi @ Oct 10 2005, 04:54 PM)
Unfortunately I must sell the majority of my solid collection. Between the hospital bill and Hurricane Rita, I have no choice. I am in the process of making a list, and hope to have it posted tomorrow, rather than loading it one pic at a time to the “FOR SALE” area. That would take years…LOL. Most of my solids were bought either from major dept stores, from Woody, some from Ken and Ann, and Bridgett got me a couple from Europe and then Ebay. Oops almost forgot Pamela and Doug who got me a couple when they ordered from an out of country dept store.I started collecting in 2001 and after buying that years solids from Neimans decided to collect the older ones first and then progress to the newer ones, so mine are definately from the older period rather than the newer period.

I had packed them all to take with me when I fled from Hurrican Rita and I spent yesterday, putting them back in the original boxes. So I could make an accurate list.
Here you can see why I don't have a list yet….LOL
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I will not be listing the ivory series as y'all can get them much cheaper on ebay..  I paid in the 300-500 range for them when I was buying them. I am also not selling the carousel as it was a gift, as was the ferris wheel.(keeping one, selling one)

I also will be listing a lot of the NON-Estee solids, as they are beautiful also and a really great buy for the collector of solids

I will be listing these at what I paid and I really don't want to lose money on them but will take the best offer available So check back in tomorrow for a list and I am slowly doing photo's and will be able to email you the photo if you wish.  Thanks for taking the time to read this. Oh by the way some are signed by Bob Conte and some are signed by Jay Strongwater. Most have the boxes and some even the white boxes, but I will include that on the one list description.

Hopefuly I can fill some of your wants and needs.

1-800-880-3366(toll free in the usa)