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If anyone is interested Micki is sending back solids to the company she has the following available:

Hi Lisa,
we have a very few amount of the solid perfumes that we have to transfer to the company. im trying to get in touch with anybody that maybe looking for it before the company takes them away from us. Pretty Parasol, Magic slippers, dreamy dessert, juggling seal, flowering bouquet. I have one last Romantic edition. Enclosed i am sending you the list of my solid perfumes in stock.
Kitten $70 Glistening Dragonfly $250
Pretty Parasol Bejeweled Crow$250
Magic Slipper $150 Glistening Acorn$150
Dreamy Dessert $70 Prince Charming$200
Juggling Seal $200 Romantic Edition$150 Pegasus $70
Flowering Bouquet $70 Sand Castle $70
Zebra $175 Puppy in a Tub$70
Rooster $200 Cameo $70
Pirouette $200 Lucky Hand $175
Violin $250 Boat Ride $185
Globe $350 Elegant Picnic $185
Enchanted Fairy$125
Sphinx $150 Giraffe $100
Artichoke $250 Cowboy $200
Circus Tent $450 Matador $250
Sleek/Chic PL $38.50 Octopus $175
Sleek/Chic Beau $38.50 America’s Apple $150
Treasure Chest $250 Circus Lion $450
King Charles Spaniel $70 Frosted Igloo $250
Cactus $200 Locomotive $200
Roulette Wheel $250 Flamenco Dancer $250