Solid Perfume Forums Re: Solids being sent back

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Thanks for the list Micky…hopefully I’ll add a few more to my collection of over 90!

It amazes me though, that there are still so many left when there are so many collectors (supposedly?) It sure takes the urgency off of buying them when they first come out doesn’t it?

If the Estee company keeps making more pieces than they have a demand for, it seems
a little crazy to pay full price for anything! Wait long enough and they’ll go on sale like they already are in the New York Bergdorf Goodman store($25.00 off of each one)
Also, they’ll end up in their “clearance” houses.

Word is the Estee company fragrance sales were down “BIG TIME” this past Christmas season. With this list I can see why….Maybe they should hire a new marketing crew?

Anyway, I look forward to getting a few I didn’t have!