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<!–emo&<_<img src='style_emoticons//dry.gif’ border=’0′ style=’vertical-align:middle’ alt=’dry.gif’ /> How can you guys be SO cold and us be SO HOT !?!

Is staying cold inside better than us melting outside?

Try staying inside without heating as I have to work without airconditioning.

Losing lots of weight by sweating it out though . . . I have to say I enjoy the warmer climate better – I had one winter in England and would never live through another !

Still, have to say I'm lucky where I am – the temperature has only been scorching here for a week before cooling down a little and then building up again on alternate weeks. Unlike some other parts of australia, they are getting a battering by tropical storms in the north causing major flooding and in the south, they are being battered by fires and constant high temperatures!

I am crossing my fingers to keep safe as you never know what Mother Nature has in store. Whatever it is, it seems to hit pretty big and fast !

Take care everyone – we live in strange times.