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Aussie Girl
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Jacky, If you don't like rabbit I don't think you would like kangaroo. I have eaten it a few times in restaurants in South Australia and found it a very heavy, gamey and dark meat and didn't really enjoy it although kangaroo tail soup I thought was delicious. On the other hand I love rabbit, so just as well we are all different in our tastes. Have also eaten crocodile which tastes like a cross between chicken and fish and I have eaten snake but not sure if it was rattlesnake or not.

Unfortunately we don't really hang our meat here to any degree – certainly not like you do in the U.K. and in Europe but then most of our game is farmed.

You may also be interested to know we are only just allowing a few non-pasteurized milk cheeses to be imported into the country at long last which is great news for cheese lovers.

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