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Aussie Girl
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QUOTE(KK @ Aug 11 2005, 01:33 PM)

I saw in the news this morning the snow somewhere in Australia.
Do any of the Aussies live around the area that snowed. Seems odd for you to have snow.


Hi K K

Yes we had snow in the suburbs yesterday which was most unusal. I live in Melbourne & it was the coldest day here for 30 years (to-day is not much better). The cold conditions were caused by a cold fast-moving air stream from the Antarctic which resulted in snowfalls in a number of coastal towns – snow on the beaches which has never happened before. Snow was also forecast for the C.B.D. but although we got hail unfortunately not the snow.

It's interesting that it made the news over there. Don't forget however that Australia is a very big country and we do have some of the best snowfields in the world – but not snow normally at sea level.