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This is such a funny thread! Lots of chuckles.

I live in the Adelaide foothills and we have Koalas and kookaburras in our suburb, which is about 5 kilometres from the centre of the city. We have heaps of goannas too, which scare us sometimes because we think they are snakes.

We get snow in the foothills maybe once or twice a year, but none that we can ski on. NSW and Victoria have excellent snowfields though. I am sure you would all have heard of the Thredbo disaster a few years ago.

We dont see platypus (platypi) at all, but kangaroos are frequent a few k's up the road. Adelaide is much smaller than Sydney or Melbourne and we tend to get more wildlife as a result. But we take them for granted I guess. Kangaroo Island is in our state, and this is the BEST way to see all the Australian wildlife in 1 easy hit. The only problem on KI is that there are TOO MANY Koalas here and they are eating themselves out of their habitat. They have tried sterilising them but their pop size is expanding rapidly. So they are being culled, which is really sad.

Also, we regularly eat kangaroo – which bears the thought, does any other nation eat their National Emblem? We really are a weird bunch!