Solid Perfume Forums Re: Shipping

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I emailed customer service through Harrod’s website. They replied:
Thank you for your e-mail. I was sorry to learn that you have not received a reply to your previous messages. Please accept my apologies for this discourtesy. I have passed a copy of your email to the Area Sales Manager for Beauty. Please be assured that she will be in contact with you again shortly.

Yeah right! [Mad] It’s been 2 full days. No comments from the perfume department. [Mad] I never had this much trouble from an ebay seller. Yet, a prestigious department store can’t even send the items or even give an explaination. I spent $373.25 and the least they can do is tell the truth—did the sales associate write my address incorrectly—are the solids back ordered and more time is needed—etc.

If there’s no reply tomorrow, I’ll threaten with a charge back….and ban shopping there. Let’s see if the stupid perfume department will respond then. [Mad]

I might have to call them and waste more money. Last time I spent $6 for 4 minutes.