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Hello all !

I feel this is the right place to thank Donna from Bergdorf Goodman in New York for her great assistance & kindness. Whoever bought from Donna or met her in person knows what I’m talking about. She’s a wonderful person to deal with, and very very helpful.

Since I live in Germany, it’s hard to get the solids at reasonable prices after tax & shipping (or bidding fights on eBay). Remembering Lisa’s post that Donna sells to most destinations without (!) charging tax, I recently bought some EL solid perfumes from her: she took very good care of the condition of my purchases – everything is perfect & complete, she was of great help when there was a gift card event at that time to save me some money, and she also added a huge bunch of cosmetic & accessories which I did not expect.

Easy & exciting, what shall I say more than THANK YOU, Donna !

Donna’s business card is shown on the page “Store Locations” (left column, 2nd from top).