Solid Perfume Forums Re: Sales Tax on Ebay?

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Thanks Fee, I saw that too about surcharges. The seller is saying that’s part of Ebay’s policy and I should be aware of that. I know that SOME sellers are required to pay state tax if they sell a certain $$ of money and sell to someone within the same state they live. But because sales tax is not appliable for every seller, the seller must disclose that in their listing at the time. Adding information to the checkout form is not part of the contract itself and I’m certain they can’t do this. I’m awaiting word from Ebay now. Had I know that sales tax was applicable, I would have bid another amount for the item and this seems unfair! [Mad] Martha, thank you! I’m very excited to add this to my Ivory collection, since it’ll only be the 2nd one I own! Hope the seller comes around and does the right thing!