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Having watched the news here in the U.K. I can understand where
Elly is coming from.

It was stated that there was a warning some time back that this situation
could arise in New Orleans but unfortunately the money that was needed
was apparantly directed elsewhere. (I am not getting into politics here).
They have also said (last night on News Night) that there is a road open
but no-one appears to be aware of this. I know no more than what I hear! Either way, we are seeing a great deal of coverage here in the U.K. and it is being pointed out that had the levees(?) been strengthened and more money put into this area which we all know now is well below sea level, much could have been

It is all very well to speak with hindsight! We have had our problems
here with terrorism etc., and we all feel that strong measures should have been taken in the past……. Some of the British public are fed up with our 'soft touch' image, but what can we do! Our voices are never heard. In the same token, you may be wondering also why certain things were not done beforehand in N.Orleans as a preventative measure! This is what the news programmes
are asking here…

The very sad part is, the loss and pain everyone is experiencing and the total devastation.. I have been lucky enough to have stayed in New Orleans.
Somehow I doubt it will ever be the same again..

Meanwhile, let's hope that the monies being raised by individuals and Woody will reach the people involved in this tragedy.

Remember also the news we are receiving here is all we can judge by.