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Ann and Ken
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Well said Catherine!!!!

It is not as easy as it looks to help people.
And you are talking about one and half million misplaced people.
One million got out early but half did not.
No one is his wildest dreams thought we would lose the main bridges into New Orleans. One road in and out to remove that many people — impossible.
Help was here before the storm waiting to go and but couldn't get there.

If we want to talk politics and who is to blame we have to start way back. Like a hundred years .

New Orleans has a long tradition of Hurricane parties. The most famous drink on Bourbon Street is “The Hurricane”.
Folks stay after ordered out , get their friends together and party during the storm.
They don't bother to stockplie supplies( water & food) . It is a big joke to them. These are some of the folks they are trying to rescue now.