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If you've been watching, then you've seen that New Orleans, a city that sits below sea level, is still largely under water, with major roads and bridges out. You have to remember that this is a natural disaster like this country has never witnessed before. There is always finger pointing in a disaster. But remember even after the tsunami hit, the water receded, and rescue and relief could get in. This is not the case in New Orleans. The water is still everywhere! It is still flooded. Until they can contain the water and stop the levee breaks, maneuvering through the city is difficult. That right there will slow help. Roads are gone! Bridges are gone! Nobody expected THAT, and nobody expected that so many of the residents would defy the evacuation order, putting their lives at risk, and necessitating such a massive rescue. Granted, some people couldn't evacuate or didn't have the means to leave, but an awful lot of them just chose to stay and “ride it out.”

It would be wonderful if after a major disaster such as this, we could swoop in to the area and have everyone stranded OUT and in a safe shelter with a bed and food, water and medical attention RIGHT AWAY. But here in Texas we're looking at taking an estimated 250,000 of homeless disaster victims! YOU tell ME how you do that right away! In the best of circumstances, it would be a major undertaking to help that many on a moments notice.

So, in this richest country who has suffered so much, again I say don't let the media taint your view of what is going on. There are good people out there opening there homes up to complete strangers who have lost theirs. Compassion abounds; lawlessness doesn't.

retired from disaster assistance