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Well said Elly

I was chatting with a friend last night, about the violence at the Superdome, and how people have suffered, and they made a very stupid remark about how this violence was happening because it was “America”… really saddens me to think that rather than sympathizing with how people were suffering, and being looted, robbed, raped even, this person started bashing.

Unfortunately, the people who are taking advantage of the situation can be found all over the world. (and I don't count in this number those who are grabbing what food and water they can – they are not “taking advantage”, only trying to survive an amazingly difficult situation) Fortunately, the numbers of good people far outweigh the bad…and hopefully this will come to be apparent very very soon. I hope we have in some small way helped with Woody's sale – I wish I could do more, as I'm sure we all do.