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Hello Everyone,

I attended the unveiling of the new solids and compacts at Saks Fifth Avenue last night.

All the solids and compacts were available to take home with you except the ocean liner which will be available for purchase in October.

I really liked the Jay Strongwater Prancing Pony, some nice detail to it and colorful.

If you like taking cruises or interested in older ocean liners like the Queen Mary and Titantic then you will like the ocean liner solid perfume.

The Jay Strongerwater powder compact is also very nice if you like collecting the powders.

The Saks shopping bag they said would only be available at their stores and that they come out with a shopping bag every 10 years. It looks good with all the crystals. I mentioned that it doesn't say Saks on it and the reply I got was because Saks has changed their paper shopping bags and it's the same design.

The other solids and powders were nice, but I think it's all an individual choice what you like and want to buy.

The Estee Lauder people said that the solids would be very limited, their store only got 18 of each, and some stores less.

I didn't care much for the two Estee Lauder account executives that did the presentations. I have attended Neiman Marcus events where the Estee Lauder executives knew much more and had better attitudes. They were just there to sell and didn't want to hear about complaints that solid perfume collectors have. I asked to talk with of them after the presentation and she never came back to talk with me.

I will not buy any of my solids from the department stores. I buy them directly from the Las Vegas store so that I can get money towards my next purchases. I think that is nicer than receiving a cosmetic bag like they gave last night at Saks when you made a purchase.