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Hi Petals!

For the finish to last, it/they should be dipped into a mix of copper, nickel and rhodium (very expensive) or…22K gold. Go BACK to the “stall” (is this a barn sale? 😀 ) and see if you can sort of chip a little off with your nail…but do it as if you are just sort of rubbing it. We don't want to visit you in Old Bailey. At least, not without some Bailey's. 😮 If a little of the finish flicks off, it could just be a brass coating, which is not so bad. It should last, as long as no one nicks it! Then again, it could just be a gold colored paint. If so, it WILL chip off. 😕

I would take a picture and forward it to Aerin Lauder just to see what she thinks. And yes, she will contact you. They actually sound lovely…possibly very old Estee Lauder trinkets.

Get thee back to the barn, girl! 😆

Good Luck! 🙂