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Exclusive is sometimes not exclusive at all. This year you can get the ëChristmasí US distribution 2003 (solids and some powder compacts) also in Germany. Only the Strongwater solids are ñ as far as I know- not available. In the past years it took usually one year for the solids to arrive but this year there is no time gap. The German Euro price for the solids is a mystery – at least to me, for example the general distribution is 125,00 Euro (about $US 144), while the “Nordstrom” flower is 155,00 Euro (about US$ 178). Regarding the Euro prices you should keep in mind that sales tax is always already included. The ëtrolleyí and ëmarliní are each 185,00 Euro (about US$ 213), the ëTaj Mahalí is 540,00 Euro (about US$ 630). So in the end some of the “exclusive ones (incl. NM powder compacts at 95,00 Euro)” are sold more or less for the same money, while some solids are twice as much. Who knows?!? This year there is also no special European (at least not in Germany) solid available, like last year fairy or the different Intuition ones.
In my opion the only exclusive ones are the Harrods solids.