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Karen is absolutely right. I have the Haoords solids sent to Switzerland and the taxes are reimburse directly on the reicpt. If you want me to order them for you just let me know.
Sorry but you are not right with the currency converter….SFR. 340.00 are about US $ 260.00 as today, but the 2 solids you mentionned still are much less here in Switzerland than in the US or Canada. It really is a strange policy, f.e. the Wedding cake also was SFR. 340.00 (tax incl.) which is about US $ 260.00 and in the US it was only $ 200.00. All the full distributions are between SFR. 140.00 and 160.00 (tax incl.) which means between US $ 107.00 and 121.00 and in the US they all are $ 75.00

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