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Fellow collectors:
In the Perfume Bottle Quarterly (Fall 2001, Volume XIV, Number 1) there is a wonderful article written by Lenore Worth Hiers titled “Precious Little Collectibles-Part III”
(pages 13-15) In this article Lenore discusses and has photographs of several rare and unusual non-Estee perfume solids.
I am on a mission a quest to get all of these solids….can you help me?
I need the following:

*Florenza goldtone tiger (not the Faberge tiger)
*Elizabeth Arden water buffalo
*Elizabeth Arden silvertone egg
*Elizabeth Arden blue enamel “Love Bug”
*Hattie Carnegie goldton elf with vat
*D’Orsay goldtone box with ornate crest design
*Houbigant flower with jewel stone
*Houbigant goldtone with pink/white enamel butterfly.

And a few others from Lenore’s article titled “Precious Little Collectibles…Part II (Perfume Bottle Quarterly, Volume IX, Number III, pages 13-15)

*Amun sphinx
*Helena Rubenstein nautilus shell pendant
*Hattie Carnegie box with raised female profile
*Max Factor flower pot

Please note that you can find Lenore’s first article titled “Precious Little Collectibles” written in 1992 in (Perfume & Scent Bottle News, Vol.5, No.1, pages 1,3-5)

Thanks Lenore, your first article inspired me to start collecting these wonderful treasures and now I’m hooked.

Best wishes and keep writing your wonderful articles on perfume solids…I can’t wait for Part IV?