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Hi Jack,

I think you are aware of my sentiments regarding this.

With regard to the Harrods solids, I personally think it makes sense to list them in Sterling at the original price of sale. The buyer can then convert to whatever currency from the Sterling.

As far as the other solids are concerned, life becomes more complicated the more I read!
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Any other solid, apart from those specifically made for the U.K. I would like to see in US $. I then convert to UK pounds. The same solids from the U.S. come here but at a higher price due to higher taxes and import duties. So, if I am buying from a U.K seller, I would have to take that into account. Either way, I will only pay what I am prepared to, but, the price in Dollars gives me a good guideline especially if the solid has increased in value. As far as Europe is concerned, they will be cheaper, but that would be a bonus.

So, my vote goes to Harrods solids being quoted in the price they were originally put for sale. The others, in U.S. Dollars.

Hope I haven’t upset Meine Deutche Freinden! Entschulligen fur meine schrechliche Deutche! Ich bin eine Englenderine!!!!!



Translation for my U.S. friends. Excuse my awful German. I am an English Woman.