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Hi Liliane and Jack !
I think it’s interesting and significant to see the prices of each solid in there currencies there where made for but I think it’s not practicable.
The golden pineapple was sold in Europe and USA too I think. But there are some solids only available for europe – the most international ones are sold all over the world without USA.
Some solids are only sold in switzerland – the weekend artist was sold in USA and later only in switzerland .Germany is a developing country in relation to solid perfumes [Cry] . The more interesting country is switzerland – getting much more of them and much cheaper than in germany for example. No for the growing Euro it’s more difficult.
I think it’s impossible to honour every countries
currency there are too much differences between the prices.

Only one example :

Penguins White Linen
In the USA for US $ 150 = ca. 145 Euro
Switzerland for CHF 240 = ca. 168 Euro
Germany for Euro 250 = ca. 270 US$
Canada C$ ?
Australia AU$ ?
Hong Kong ?

Are there more countries with differences ?!!! [Puzzled]
Do you know now what I mean ?!!! [Roll Eyes]

Thats a heavy job for Jack and we all have to pick up prices from all over the world.

Greetings !