Solid Perfume Forums Re: question about the new Harrods bear

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The bears arrived today at Harrods, so everyone will be receiving their orders soon! I really didn’t study him, so cannot answer your questions but will have a good look next time. Will phone them tomorrow and ask! That would be the easiest way.

Well, they certainly do have some amazing solids right now, and under the artificial lights they really looked wonderful!

Briefly, they have the Around the World Collection which is available exclusively to Harrods. India Paisley, Italy Venetian Glass, Morocco Mosaic Tile, Japan Al Crane (beautiful),
Japan Iraqi and Year of the Monkey. All at £95
NinetyFive Pounds Sterling.

Zodiac Collection. All at £40 Forty pounds Sterling

Timeless Collection.

Loved the World Traveller,
Chain Link
Classic Quilt all at £30 Thirty Pounds Sterling

Harrods Collection which you know.

Bear, Taxi and Telephone Booth

Shimmering Las Vegas

Showgirl £270 Two Hundred and Seventy Pounds
Palm Tree £155 One hundred and fifty five pounds

Will type some more tomorrow….

Need to get some shut eye!

Jacky [Sleep] [Sleep]