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'Brigitte' wrote on '21:

Hi Wendy,

this black cat on pillow was issued in different years and with different fragrances:

1993 with Beautiful, Knowing and Spellbound

1994 with Tuscany and White Linen

Here comes the link for the so called cat meaow, pink


which was issued in 1995 with Pleasures. I think $ 115.00 is not too bad of a price, as the original price was $ 200.00.

Sorry, but I don't have an extra one.

Take care, Brigitte

Hello, again, Brigette!

Thank you again for all your help and I apologize for not being clear about the Kitten compact I am searching for – it's the 1994 beige enamel sleeping Kitten with a gold collar containing Tuscany per Donna. I think it must be a rather rare one or all the cat lovers are keeping theirs!Thank you for your patience and for your graciousness!

Take care, also,