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Dear Brigette and Jacky,

Another big thank you for your prompt answers! According to the listing this seller is selling on behalf of a collector (she also sold the rare 1994 Butterfly) but I still wonder when the date is SO far off. The seller is also listing empty boxes for compacts she has already sold that the collector “just found”. 😮

Enough of elephants! Brigette, I love to spend time on your site – you've done an amazing job! Of course, I've spotted the 1994 Kitten with the gold collar that contains Tuscany per Donna. Please forgive me for being so bold as to ask if you have an extra (even without a box!)? My “Cats” scene is missing that one and I would love to be able to add it. Please let me know and I completely understand if one is not available. Thank you!

I hope everyone has a blessed holiday (as it applies) and a relaxing weekend!

Wendy 🙂