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'Petals' wrote on '01:

Firstly, I would just like to say that I am by no way an expert on this site. Michele (Zooey) should be given credit for her knowledge and painstaking ''investigative'' work associated with all solids etc. I could never ever match the work and knowledge she has put in.

This also applies to Brigitte. I learn from them and other knowledgeable collectors and try to help in the little I have gleaned. So this subject is now closed….



I have checked mine and will double check against the above information from Brigitte and others.

I have the elephant with the red enamel coat, red eyes blue tassle containing BEAUTIFUL. The box is the little gold box with red label on the back

BAR CODE 2713103733

now to double check against the information above…..

This one was isssued in 1992 with the circus box and it was issued at the international market with the same Barcode but a different box in 1993.

Up to about 2002 the international market got the solids only 1 year later than the US market. Some times the items were the same as the US ones, but sometimes they had less rhinestones f.e. the tea cup, the teapot, some of the fruits etc. Mostly they had the same barcode, but they always had a different box, as E.L. took the box from the US issues and they had different labels on the bock of the box. Sometimes they also had different fragrances.