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By the way, there is an elephant under the heading prototype on Ebay right now!

HOW DO WE KNOW THIS IS A PROTOTYPE AND NOT ONE OF THE EMPTY SOLIDS WHICH COME out of Canada …………..! We know they are being copied there etc. and if they are now trying to palm off certain solids (by changing the colours etc.,) as prototypes, is a thought.

I have quite a few prototypes and I have seen other collectors' prototypes!

This one is very new looking etc., but I may be wrong.

Brigitte, would you give your thoughts! I read in the auction that there were only two released and the seller had seen the first. Would love to know who has the first one.

These are my thoughts which I am entitled to express having been a collector for a number of years. I do not want a slanging match and will refuse to answer any posts which are antagonistic re my comments. Discussion, yes!