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I don't think ELs' current management is as savvy a businesswoman as Estee Lauder herself was. I remember in my youth, it being a big thing when EL released a new perfume. Now it seems everytime I go to the cosmetic counter a new fragrance has been released. I have been to the EL Company Store, and seen scents there I have never even seen for sale in stores. I'm guessing they were released somewhere and didn't do well. It costs big bucks to formulate and market a fragrance, so I guess EL has money to burn. I know Estees' sons were business savvy, but don't think the grand- daughters have the business sense Estee had. It seems they are always in the social columns and business is just a sideline for them. Look at all the solids that were released last year, especially the re-makes of solids from the 70's. Have they run out of ideas? First they need to cut production of what they release so they are special again. I have seen many good ideas for solids on this site if EL has run out…