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Hi there:

Just wanted to ask a question out there to anyone who is interested in answering. I am new to SELLING I have several compacts on line for sale at this time. Is it normal and acceptable for someone to use your pictures from your item you are selling to sell their item which happens (possibly) to be similar or the same?? It’s obvious it is my pics because my it is my grandmother’s cotton tablecloth the compact is sitting on!! Check it out for yourself – someone please let me know if that is acceptable?? redkitty1 has an estee lauder gold-lemon drop compact on line for sale; it just started recently. Mine was on line and did not sell so I relisted it last night. Mine is highlghted ESTEE LAUDER LEMON DROP COMPACT – GEORGOUS!
I WILL WAIT FOR SOMEONE TO REPLY!!!THANKS FOR YOUR TIME. (my item is listed under luscious52)

Regards, Pamela