Solid Perfume Forums Re: Photos of the New Solids!

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I have not seen the Saks solids in person yet. I can’t wait to see them. I know I will by the frame & dragonfly. I am afraid to see the others in person for I have a feeling I will purchase them all. I love the Saks solids. As far as Neiman’s goes this is going to be very hard. Need the dancers to go with the catus. Need the cowboy to go with my other Texas themed solids. Giraffe is cool. Octopus is an interesting new sea creature. Got to have the Lion to add to my circus theme. Just as the new release come out my credit card should be paid in full. The interest is killing me. I could get another solids for what I paid in interest. I was not impressed with the general release. They are looking cheap, although the dog is very cute.