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I have just had another look at these solids, and the first one which I thought was nice was the one which most of you don't like i.e. the little dog sitting on the pouffe. As you all say, will have to see these before making any decisions. The other Jay Strongwaters I thought I would like, I did not care for once I acually had a chance to see them and the one I thought I would not like, I really think is the tops. I won't repeat myself regarding the Pagoda!

Strongwaters designs in pill boxes, I have one, are really beautiful. Why they do not produce these in solid perfumes is anybody's guess. It could be they are more saleable and the moulds do not have to be discarded i.e. they can keep on producing ad infinitum????? I am not an expert so look forward to hearing from those of you who do know.

Anyway, am not unhappy about the situation. I do want the Dragon and that one is expensive so not liking the others will help the financial situation!

Mark are you teaching Art as well as landscape gardening?