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Hey Lisa! It's great to hear from you. I still collect but not as much. I even passed on the Harrods because of the exchange rate.
Instead I'm renovating my house in Tampa – painting, new furniture, new granite countertops, and new floors soon. Since I can't sell, I have to make the house more comfortable.
I'm sorry to hear about your greyhounds but happy that you have new ones to dote on. I expanded my family to 3 cats. I took in a feral kitty last year. Her name is Cupcake. She wouldn't come out of the closet for 2 months. Now she sleeps on my lap and follows me everywhere.
I just took my first vacation in over a year. I went with a friend to photograph hummingbirds in the mountains of Ecuador. It was great!
I enjoy this Board tremendously. Much thanks to you and Jack for making it work.
I'm on Facebook!